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  • 5/10/2018 6:15:00 AM
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At ABG of Michigan, we continuously challenge ourselves to enhance the ways we can help advisor partners like you retain and grow business. After all, we succeed together. We'd like to take a few moments to update you on important things we can do right now to lighten your load, make you more competitive, and most importantly, help you demonstrate value.

On the business development side, we're confident you'll  compete more effectively by highlighting the 360 Payroll Integration we offer. You may not know it, but the lack of payroll integration can be the single biggest driver in a plan sponsor's decision to move their plan to a new provider. The reality is that employers struggle with the headaches associated with making and updating contribution rate changes, contribution deductions, loan distributions and payments, and other distributions every payroll period. As a result, too many of these plans move to ADP or Paychex. By partnering with ABG Michigan, you can offer the best of retirement plan options AND a 360 payroll integration - all at a highly competitive price. Be the advisor who throws employers this lifeline and you'll be the hero who wins the day - and the plan.

Every new plan starts with an enrollment experience. We deploy iJoin, the industry's easiest tool to engage participants to optimize plan participation. iJoin's Advisor portal provides you real time analytics and insights on your entire book of business both at the plan and participant level. And just as important, it provides you with detailed reports on success metrics to share at client meetings. These insights underscore how you deliver value. On that same point, we can also perform benchmarking analysis on a  number of important data points that can help reaffirm the value you deliver.

When it's time to update your fund lineup, we have an expert team that can process fund changes  and send required notices to participants to ensure proper compliance. We can also check fund availability on custodial platforms.

As you know, all of us at ABG of Michigan are committed to helping retirement plan participants succeed. That's why we're so excited to introduce our new education and financial wellness experience called FLY! FLY stands for Financial Literacy for You! It combines our robust in-house education with the best of national programs to help every employee understand and meet their long-term saving challenges.

Our teams conduct group education meetings as well as one-on-one chats and present webinars on a wide array of timely topics. Online - participants can access Balance, SmartDollar, Financial Finesse, and Voltaire - all leading resources to help people at each stage of life - regardless of their financial knowledge and experience.

We know that the more successful people are in managing their personal finances, the better able they are to save for the future. That financial security also translates to less stress and that means happier employees at work. Everybody wins. So, with your help, we'll make this program as broadly available as as we can. We look forward to sharing more information as we roll this out nationally. Together, we can help employees FLY!

Thanks for spending a few minutes on these important updates. We encourage you to schedule time to review your retirement business with us and chat about how we can support your success.




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