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Helping You Grow and Protect Your Business - Part 2 Participant Tools

  • 6/14/2017 5:48:00 AM
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Helping You Grow and Protect Your Business - Part 2 Participant Tools

Here’s a real world challenge that every advisor, every recordkeeper and every administrator faces: A retirement plan, no matter how well designed will fall flat if the company’s employees don’t appreciate it, or understand it, or engage the opportunity. After all, a retirement plan is just an opportunity. It only supports effective retirement outcomes if employees actually participate and do so in a way that can make them successful.

To help address this challenge, the ABG Michigan team has invested the time and energy to evaluate and partner with some of the country’s leading financial wellness educators and resource providers. These companies provide some of the best interactive, personal and customized content you can get today. These programs help each employee understand and act on their personal finance challenges including everything from budgeting to debt management to, of course, saving for retirement. With ABG, you can offer clients access to Dave Ramsey’s Smart Dollar Program, Balance Financial Fitness, the Financial Finesse Program, and an ABG Michigan exclusive monthly video series that helps participants save for retirement.

We know that delivering great service for your clients also means providing them access to tools and information when and how they want it. That’s why we provide a fully integrated smart phone app and a suite of tools of retirement planning tools like iJoin and myRetirement. These tools answer the really critical questions many people have when it comes to saving for retirement. Questions like, “How do I know how much to save?” “Am I saving enough?” “How much will my account balance translate to income every month at retirement?”

Beyond these answers, these tools help guide employees to make positive changes in their savings strategy and to connect with you - their financial advisor. It’s all about supporting relationships and helping drive real outcomes for our clients. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how these program work and how we can design custom programs that work for each of your retirement plan clients.



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