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ABGMI is committed to supporting our relationship with each of our clients and helping them get the greatest value from their relationship with us. We are pleased to share our Safe Harbor Video which features engaging information on this key plan design option in a short, concise format. The video will provide you with a strong foundational understanding of the benefits of Safe Harbor.

We invite you to watch the video, then contact us to discuss how Safe Harbor might help your plan be more successful.

When to Set Sail with Safe Harbor

When to Set Sail with Safe Harbor

  • 9/12/2018 5:58:00 AM
 You already know that a 401(k) is a very popular retirement plan and, like other plan designs, it allows your employees to take advantage of tax deferrals on contributions and earnings while their money accumulates for retirement.To enjoy this special status, the IRS put in place rules to assure your plan benefits rank and file employees and not just company owners and highly compensated employees. These are called nondiscrimination rules and there are three tests that must be performed ea...
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