We're Committed to Making a Difference
in People's Lives

We are a company that believes in personal relationships, whether with our clients or with our team members. We recognize that we all want to do business with people who share common values and with people we like. We take the time to recognize our clients’ and employees’ small accomplishments and big achievements. We believe in saying “I’m sorry” and “congratulations!”

We are committed to “getting it right.” In fact, we offer a service guarantee that speaks to our integrity and focus on accuracy. Yet we also understand that mistakes can, and do, happen. When they occur, we recognize and address them as soon as they come to light. We are committed to excellence in all things, from proactive planning, to problem-solving, to delivering results.

We emphasize outcomes in everything we do, always keeping our clients’ retirement plan goals in mind and working to achieve them.

We truly believe in the value of what we do. We know how important the quality of retirement is for each of us, which is why we focus on doing all we can to achieve good outcomes for each of the retirement plan participants we serve.

We are committed to making a difference in people’s lives, whether they are our clients or our co-workers. We want to help people retire and help our plan sponsor clients get them there. And we are mindful of our commitment to our employees; we are helping to support their families and their goals. We want our co-workers to have full and satisfying careers.

At ABG MI, we are also committed to giving back to the community we live in. We have worked as volunteers for client endeavors and for co-worker’s extra-curricular activities. We offer education and outreach to our fellow employees and maintain ongoing relationships with local charities and community-based initiatives.

ABG MI At Your Service

  • Multiple custodial platforms provide complete investment flexibility and fee transparency
  • Industry-leading technology ensures a positive experience for you and your employees
  • Service team focused on you and your plan’s needs
  • Education program designed to include multiple tools and media
  • Review of the plan’s success (participation rates, deferral rates, quality of participant investing, fees, plan provisions)

ABG MI's Representation

ABG is or has been represented on National Boards and Organizations of many reputable companies.

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